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ACTIROX with geometrically shaped ceramic abrasive grain for maximum stock removal. An aggressive cut combined with low contact pressure results in less noise and vibration, and less strain for the machine and its operators. Faster grinding significantly reduces the machining time. The TOP SIZE coat results in a cool cut, which significantly reduces material waste and renders further reworking unnecessary.


  • Maximum stock removal thanks to geometrically shaped ceramic grain results in lower operating expenses, such as energy and storage costs
  • More than twice the stock removal when compared with conventional ceramic grain abrasives, thanks to faster grinding
  • Low to medium contact pressures significantly reduce strain on the machine and operator
  • Top performance with superalloys, stainless steel and unalloyed steel thanks to optimised coating density
  • Cool grinding processes and extended service lives thanks to the additional grinding-active layer VSM TOP SIZE


📍Aggressive and cool grinding: ACTIROX AK890Y - Abrasive belt for maximum stock removal