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Maximum stock removal rate and a high initial aggressiveness thanks to the geometrically shaped ceramic grain. Ideal for machining stainless steels and superalloys with a cool cut and no discolouration thanks to the TOP SIZE additional grinding-active layer. AF890 achieves its full performance when used with angle grinders in the upper power range.


  • Maximum stock removal tanks to geometrically shaped ceramic grain leads to a reduction in operating costs
  • More than twice as much stock removal compared to conventional ceramic grain abrasives
  • Increase in productivity: More workpieces per unit of time due to fast cutting
  • Extremely stable dimensions and a durable vulcanized backing satisfy the highest safety requirements
  • The tailored and extremely hard back-up pad VSM TURBO PAD 3 leads to a further increase in stock removal
  • Cool grinding processes and extended service lives thanks to the additional grinding-active layer VSM TOP SIZE


📍VSM ACTIROX: Designed for maximum performance in metalworking